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For centuries Bespoke Orangeries have remained a popular design with the British public and since our company began we have aimed to make this classic structure more affordable for families looking to improve their homes and increase the value of their home. Their elegant design brings with it new living space and allows extra light to cascade into the home and the subtle yet distinctive features compliment the exteriors to any property they are added to.  Thanks to our huge product range this particular design also offers a huge amount of versatility and by applying their knowledge and expertise our qualified consultants and designer’s can assure that the build fits effortlessly into its natural surroundings.


Modern Bespoke Orangery’s tend to lay on a square footing and are peaked by a lantern style roof, the blend of large glass panels and stone or timber walling give them a distinctive feel from many of other designs available today. Their open room plan helps to maximise space allowing for a very relaxing and fresh environment. At Orangery Prices we pride ourselves on offering our clients a host of options and our designs are incredibly flexible, a simple variation in a floor plan can lead to a whole host of different aesthetics. This is also aided by our diverse range of materials on offer from timber and oak to UPVC. All of our materials have a number of stylish finishes to choose from, from the traditional white to grainy oak, or rosewood. This means that whatever the aesthetics of your home we can cater the look of your Bespoke Orangery perfectly.


A Bespoke Orangery is a wonderful addition to any home and allows for a whole range of uses from a children’s play area that allows access to the garden, to a beautiful dining space perfect for entertaining guests. At Orangery’s Prices our aim is to ensure that our clients have a choice of competitive quotes and a wide range of designs and customised options. We also offer the chance to work with some of the finest consultants, designers, and fitters operating in the UK today.


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